Virgin Fibra takes a stand against Sky WiFi advertising

Virgin Fibra prende posizione contro la pubblicità di Sky WiFi thumbnail

The society Virgin Fibrawhich offers fiber optic connections in Italy, criticized the offer di Sky Wifi “Without Constraints”. According to Virgin Fibra, this would be misleading advertising – the company therefore turned to the Italian Antitrust.

Virgin Fibra criticizes Sky WiFi advertising

Tom Mockridge, CEO of Virgin Fibra and former CEO of Sky Italia, explains: “Transparency is Virgin Fibra’s mantra, because we want to bring a service that Italians can trust, without hidden costs or clauses that imprison them in a contract. We want consumers to choose us for our offer, knowing that they can free themselves from the contract every day, without penalties or extra costs. The promotional message spread by Sky-Wifi is instead to all intents and purposes a misleading advertisement, which induces the consumer to purchase a service that has hidden constraints”.

Here the super Sky offer for the month of May

Tom Mockridge, CEO of Virgin Fibra and former CEO of Sky Italia

Virgin Fibra explained that those who subscribe to the Sky-Wifi offer would commit themselves for 24 months and would have to pay costs (29.90 euros) if he wanted to withdraw sooner. In addition, he must return the modem or pay a penalty of 45 euros. Therefore, the claim “Without Constraints” would not be true: the consumer could cost more than €75 to get out of the contract.

Market transparency are priorities. For this reason, Virgin Fibra turns to the Competition and Market Authority and informs consumers of what it believes to be false advertising. At the moment we do not know what response Sky WiFi and also the Antitrust Guarantor have: we will keep you updated on the evolution of the situation.