Vodafone Easy Control is the ideal offer for all your home devices

Vodafone Easy Control è l’offerta ideale per tutti i tuoi device domestici

Easy Control by Vodafone, the service that allows you to always have your digital devices under control, and to receive notifications in real time

Today in a house there are many devices that require the presence of a SIM, just think of home automation systems, alarm and video surveillance systems, boilers with remote control, and any other device that requires a connection.

To meet this need, Vodafone has created a specific offer: it is Easy Control, the service that allows you to always have your digital devices under control, and to receive notifications in real time, at a very affordable cost.

Safety, efficiency and speed with Vodafone Easy Control

Easy Control by Vodafone is the offer for alarms designed specifically for those who need a data SIM to be inserted into home devices, with the ability to navigate, receive and transmit data. The SIM includes 200 MB of data traffic, which can be used on the Vodafone 4G network, as well as 50 minutes of voice calls to all national numbers and 100 text messages, with monthly renewal.

Unlike what happens with traditional Sims, the Sim that comes with the Easy Control offer does not expire, this means that you do not have to worry or fear any oversights. The SIM provided with the Easy Control service can be associated with your phone number, in such a way as to receive notifications in real time via text message, this pairing can also be made with numbers managed by other operators, not necessarily Vodafone.

Easy Control costs a total of 2 euros per month, payable by credit card or by direct debit using Smart Pay. Two 5 euros are added to the monthly cost for activation.

It is possible to check the operation and status of the Easy Control Sim at any time, using the dedicated application, which is also useful for controlling consumption. The Easy Control service is associated with the Vodafone Life Connect rate plan, whose rate is 29 cents / minute for the voice line and 29 cents for each text or mms. Once you have finished the 200 MB available to browse monthly, you can still continue at a cost of 6 euros for each GB.

Easy Control allows you to monitor your digital devices with the utmost simplicity and from anywhere, also considering that the SIM works in all countries of the European Union. This means you can use your devices while traveling or on vacation. The SIM that comes with Easy Control only works with domestic devices such as alarm systems, boilers, home automation systems and automation systems, and all those devices that require continuous monitoring. While, on the contrary, it cannot be used with tablets or smartphones.

It is possible to add the Safe Network 2.0 service to Easy Control, which allows you to protect personal data from the risks that navigation can sometimes entail: this service costs only € 1.99 per month and offers a higher level of security.