Warframe’s Angels of the Zariman expansion is now available

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Digital Extremes announced that Angels of the Zarimanthe new expansion from Warframe, is now available on all platforms. Let’s find out all the details together.

Angels of the Zariman: Warframe expansion is now available

Following the events of the acclaimed expansion The New WarAngels of the Zariman brings players to a eerie journey to the fabulous Zariman Ten Zero – a massive colony ship Orokin that was once thought to be lost in the dimension of the Void.

Here they will have to face their past and bring to light the secrets that lie in his ghostly rooms. Covered in lush foliage and lost in space and time, the Zariman Ten Zero is full of intrigues and contains the answers to some of the greatest mysteries e secrets of Warframe that players will need to discover.

In addition to one new narrative questAngels of the Zariman brings an exciting twist to Warframe players series of new content. Among them we find Gyrea new Graceful warframe ed electrifying to master, and the new hub sociale Chrysalith where players can customize your own apartment Dormizonetry three brand new procedural game modesor interact with one variety of NPCs to unravel the mysteries of the Zariman.

Among other new features, Angels of the Zariman offers players one new weapon class in Incarnon evolution. By interacting with one of Chrysalith’s NPCs, players can complete missions and defeat enemies to decant the power of the Void in their weapons. These will turn into tools of destruction. Players can also modify and customize them as much as they want.

Warframe players can already customize their personal quarters in their Orbiter. With Angels of the Zariman, players can secure one secondary house aboard the Zariman Ten Zero with its own Dormizone. These customizable quarters are available to players who complete the Quest Angels of Zariman; they can also be modified and equipped with a series of unique decorations. Players who increase their position enough in Chrysalis can also unlock the Vista Suitewhere they can customize the view from the window using Vistagraphs.

For more information on the title and the new expansion, you can consult the official site.