What is Inworld AI, the meeting point between artificial intelligence and the metaverse

Cos’è Inworld AI, il punto d’incontro fra l’intelligenza artificiale e il metaverso thumbnail

Every day, for a few months now, we have been learning about new possibilities for applying generative artificial intelligence.

Especially those that, like ChatGPT, give life to autonomous texts. Or even those that, like the much talked about Midjourney, produce images starting from the texts. In recent days, we have first watched the arrest and escape of an alleged Donald Trump, then an alleged Vladimir Putin bowing down to Xi Jinping. And finally an almost real Pope Francis wrapped in a very stylish (and a little kitsch) white duvet.

We also learned how AI could, in the near future, undermine the employment status of some 300 million people.

Fortunately, today we will talk about a lighter topic, namely the application of artificial intelligence to gaming and entertainment. And the meeting of him, in a sense, with the metaverse. We are talking about the Inworld AI platform.

What is Inworld AI

Inworld AI is a platform conceived by a group of young engineers, designers, inventors, creatives, scientists and technologists.

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That they have built a technology, we read in the ambitious self-definition that appears on a page of the official website, “that will transform pop culture, entertainment, man-machine communication and immersive experiences”.

Inworld AI allows, in practice, to create characters with artificial intelligence, and with them to establish chat dialogues or make them cohabit on the Web, in a virtual environment very similar to the metaverse (intended as an immersive virtual world).

Invented characters? Yes and no. Because, as we will see, one can also try to reproduce as much as possible the psychophysical characteristics of some famous person. Or of themselves. Or invent a new virtual friend from scratch.

How Inworld AI works

One of the two possibilities that you have, once you enter the platform, is to create a character from scratch.

And you can do it with varying degrees of precision. Let’s explain ourselves better: it can be defined with detail in the psychological characteristics, including weaknesses, and somatic, with a good approximation to reality.

Or you can just give some general guidelines, and then let the AI ​​fill in the character.

Each creation will have a cultural and emotional profile, but also goals and hopes. In addition to a specific vocal timbre. The characters can then be modified, should they behave in a way that is far from the intended one: and after each modification there is a test chat to verify its performance.

Inworld AI is naturally based on the latest conversational language models. Furthermore, thanks to the integration with the Unity and Unreal Engine APIs, 3D characters can be created.

pre-existing models

But there is a second and quicker possibility. Because in a specific section of Inworld AI you can also chat with a number of characters already set by some creators.

And you really are spoiled for choice. You can dialogue with the protagonists of famous cartoons and films, but also with Elon Musk or Noam Chomsky, or even with Winston Churchill or Sigmund Freud.

For whom it was designed

First of all, Inworld AI makes it possible to entertain with characters who behave with the coherence and competence that we recognize in conversational linguistic models.

It is still in the alpha version, but it will soon be possible to export created characters. Which can thus be used, for example, to interact in the virtual world, as assistants in one’s work, or implemented in games (even if the site has not yet specified how this will actually happen).

Elon Musk and artificial intelligence

Meanwhile, curiously, Elon Musk (together with another thousand signatories from the tech world) has expressed strong perplexity about the most recent developments in artificial intelligence.

The open letter reads that “AI systems with human-like competitive intelligence can pose serious risks to society and humanity, as demonstrated by extensive research and recognized by the best artificial intelligence laboratories”.

Coming from someone who wants to conquer Mars, and implant chips in the brains of human beings, this arouses some astonishment.

It would be necessary to question the character of Elon Musk present on Inworld AI to ask for enlightenment in this regard.