The Last of Us Part I on PC is chock full of bugs

The Last of Us Parte I su PC è pieno di bug. Boom di recensioni negative su Steam thumbnail

Naughty Dog’s plans were clear enough: to use the wave of enthusiasm from the acclaimed TV series to relaunch The Last of Us franchise. A plan only partially successful, given that The Last of Us Part 1 for PC turned out to be full of bugs and glitches. A real disaster, witnessed by 64% negative reviews on the game’s Steam page.

Such a disaster that Naughty Dogs itself issued an apology post, acknowledging the problem and promising to fix the bugs shortly. The Last of Us Part I for PC was released a few days ago, on March 28, 2023, after the PlayStation 5 remake had arrived last year.

The Last of Us Part I: all the problems and bugs of the PC version

The main complaints of the players concern the endless waits for downloading the shaders, essential for the gameplay of the title. Not only: the frame rate is absolutely unstable and numerous players complain unexpected crashes of the title. Even those who manage to play complain low performance. It also lacks Steam Deck compatibility, promised before launch. As if that weren’t enough, the movements of the camera and the character are not very fluid.

One of the reviews on Steam reads:

“From refund. If you don’t have a 3 thousand Euro PC then forget it. The optimization is a complete mess. Unplayable, crashes continue even with an RTX 3070. The 30 min of loading the shaders is the stuff of complaint.“

Another player instead writes:

“I have an rtx 3070 and an i7 10700k. As suggested, I always wait for the completion of the shaders compilation. The game would also run fine (with active dlss and medium options at 1440p) if it weren’t for the fact that every 5 minutes, or even less, everything crashes! I think that the developers already knew about these problems and that they released the game anyway (just like it had already happened with Cyberpunk… evidently it is now a common practice). I hope everything is fixed soon!…graphically it looks very nice and I can’t wait to play it…and if I had known about these problems before I certainly wouldn’t have spent 60 euros to be (for the umpteenth time) the beta tester! !”

We recall that the PC version of the game was announced for early March. However Naughty Dog had postponed the release of about twenty days to “improve the quality of the gaming experience”. Apparently twenty days was definitely not enough.