WhatsApp Beta: news coming for voice messages

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WhatsApp has just released a new update to its beta version, bringing this messaging application mode to Having implemented the ability to listen to voicemails before sending them for specific beta testers, WhatsApp now makes some minor improvements to the user interface to facilitate the experience with this type of message.

WhatsApp Beta: news for voice messages

The main novelty introduced with this software version is the introduction of a point, placed in the shape of the wave of voice messages, to instantly identify where we have arrived as regards the reproduction of the audio content.

The feature we just talked about is currently being distributed with the update relating to version from WhatsApp Beta per Android. The point in voicemail should also be available to those who have upgraded to version of the app.

Keep in mind that, if the function to listen to voice messages before sending them is not available for your device, you have nothing to worry about and there is nothing wrong with your WhatsApp account. In fact, the company has enabled this feature for selected beta testers and will be distributed to the general public only at a later time.

If you want to try the version of WhatsApp Beta for devices based on the Google mobile operating system you have the possibility to do it through the Google Play Store, by subscribing to the beta testing channel, which you can find simply by following this link.

Having said that, we would like to point out that at the moment the program is fully completed, so in all likelihood you will have to wait for the next time the registrations are open to be able to become part of the beta testers. Alternatively, you can download the APK version of the app, but we do not recommend it because it could put your device at risk.