WhatsApp, video sharing also in high quality

WhatsApp sta lavorando su una nuova funzionalità per trascrivere i messaggi vocali thumbnail

Whatsapp is testing a new option that will allow users to send video in high definition as well as high quality photos, giving them the choice between standard definition and high definition.

WhatsApp, video sharing also in high quality

Currently, WhatsApp allows sharing of images in high quality version beta for iOS and version for Android devices. Everything works easily: when you send large images, you can choose between “Standard Quality” and “HD“. When you choose to send a photo in high definition, a new tag superimposed on the message bubble indicates that the photo was sent in this way.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android,, introduces the ability to send even videos in high quality. There is a button inside the editor to select the video quality. However, like photos, video will always be compressed and cannot be sent in its original resolution.


In general, the quality of the videos sent in high definition will be significantly better than the standard quality, especially for videos that require greater detail definition. The default mode remains the standard mode, so you will need to manually select the best quality each time.

Videos shared in high definition will be marked with a tspecific ag within the balloon displayed in the chats, as for the photographs. An expected change – but if you want to pass uncompressed video to publish, you will have to use another method.

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