Where to place the router for a faster WiFi network

Where to place the router for a faster WiFi network

What is the right place to place the router in a home to get the most out of the WiFi network?

When setting up home WiFi after a move, it’s important to keep in mind how the location of the router will affect connectivity. This is a particularly important consideration when it comes to making sure all computers and smart home devices are able to access the internet at the speeds they need to function properly.

Where to place the router for a faster WiFi network

So when you have to find the best location for your home WiFi router, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Which devices require the fastest WiFi. If you are working at home, it is recommended that you place the router in the studio to ensure the fastest possible connection. Or, if you want to watch a lot of movies and a lot of television on a smart TV, the best place for the router is near the smart TV.

The size and configuration of your new home. When moving to a new home, you have to consider its configuration: if there are thick walls, the signal from the router may be a little muffled in the more distant rooms. If the router is on the second floor, the internet speed on the first floor may be slightly slower, depending on the number of walls the signal has to traverse. It is always advisable to place the router next to the rooms where the WiFi will be used the most: the more central the location, the better!

Keep the router high and away from metals or microwaves. While these tips seem a little strange, they will improve your home WiFi speed. Metal objects and microwaves can disturb the WiFi router signal, so try to place the router away from places like the kitchen. Putting the router on a shelf, or high up, will also help optimize its signal.

Keep away from water. Keep the wireless router away from water-filled containers, such as aquariums, which can absorb some of the signal. It is possible that the signal will deteriorate if you place the router near a swimming pool, in a place such as an annex for guests.

Adjust the antenna. Where do you want the signal to arrive in the house? If you want to direct the router signal horizontally, you have to place the antenna vertically. If you want to direct the router signal vertically (for example if positioned on the second floor and you want the connection to be faster on the first floor), you have to position the antenna horizontally. It’s a good idea to try several directions to see which one works best for the devices you want to use at the fastest internet speeds.

Reasons to buy a WiFi repeater. If you can’t get a fast connection in all areas of your home, you may want to consider buying a WiFi repeater to boost your router’s signal and make sure you can surf the web smoothly in every room. This is a great solution if your home has thick walls that dampen the router signal.

In a now technological world, everything is based on fast WiFi, so it is important not only to have a good wifi router, but also to make sure you don’t slow down the signal at home by putting it in the wrong place. Nothing is worse than a movie night with a constantly loading connection.