With Halo Rise, Amazon wants to monitor your sleep

Con Halo Rise Amazon vuole monitorare il vostro sonno thumbnail

Halo Rise track sleep. And no, she does not wear and does not run on batteries. It is actually a small device that you place on the bedside table and which, thanks to its sensors and artificial intelligence, is able to monitor you at night.

Halo Rise price

But how exactly does it work? Amazon used a flood of clinical data to identify breathing patterns as well train the AI ​​to allow it to recognize the different stages of sleep.
The information collected is then converted into a graph that you can view on the Alexa application or on the display of an Amazon Echo Show.

But it doesn’t stop there. There are also sensors that allow it to measure temperature, humidity and brightness of the environment; plus it behaves like Wake Upwake up that you can set thanks to Alexa and that comes associated with the LED light integrated on Halo Riseso the morning can gradually turn on the light for you helping you wake up.
Do you want to be sure you wake up at the right time? The new device can also do this by simply analyzing your sleep cycle.

Halo Rise at the moment seems destined only for the Amercian market. It will arrive later this year and it will cost $ 139.99, price that will include 6 months of Halo subscription.