WordPress: because it is the most used CMS

WordPress was born in 2003 as open source software. Today it is one of the most used solution, if not the most used CMS

WordPress is the most popular way in the world to create a website, blog or e-commerce and 37.7% of all websites are made with this CMS. Also the activity of web site creation Rome from Romaweblab has its basis in this tool.

From a technical point of view WordPress is a GNU licensed content management system General Public License, which allows everyone to use and modify WordPress for free. In this way the building a website it is an activity that anyone can do, even if they are not a developer and this is certainly one of the reasons why WordPress is the most used CMS in the world.

What changes between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

When you start working on the website creation in Rome with WordPress it is important to consider the difference between two types of software. On the one hand we have WordPress.org, free and open source software to be installed on the hosting to create your own 100% proprietary website, on the other hand there is WordPress.com which is paid and offers hosting plans allowing you to create sites with limited functionality.

In any case, to use WordPress.org just buy hosting and domain name and install the CMS.

The origins of WordPress

WordPress was born in 2003 as open source software, made with contributions from a large developer community led by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Today it is one of the most used solution, if not the most used CMS for the creation of different types of websites.

Why is WordPress so popular?

Diffusion and the popularity of WordPress are due to several factors:

  • it is a programma free e open source, which provides thousands of plugins and themes to change the appearance and functionality of the website. There is no shortage of plugins and premium paid themes to customize the website to the maximum;
  • it’s a tool easy to install e you don’t need to know programming languages to quickly create your own website on WordPress and for this reason most of the hosting offers packages with pre-installed WordPress for the immediate publication of online content;
  • it’s a Flexible CMS, which allows you to create any type of website by creating a product that grows over time following the evolution of the business. Thanks to the plugins the creation of ecommerce sites can add forums, social media sharing buttons, newsletters and countless other features by adding or removing them based on the evolution of the online project.

For these characteristics today WordPress is the most used CMS in the world and all the Rome web agencies recommend it to customers for the creation of different types of websites, from the simplest showcase sites to corporate sites with or without ecommerce, up to the blogs of freelancers.

Creating a website with WordPress is quick and easy and it is not necessary to know the programming languages, since the editor is completely similar to the well-known word processing program Word. At this point, all you have to do is contact a web agency in Rome specialized in creating websites to start creating your site, a site that you can update with new information, images and contents even by yourself, when and from where you want.