Xbox One: All models are out of production

In a period in which the production of consoles (together with the entire hardware market) is in crisis, we learn that all versions of the Xbox One are now out of production, and for some time now

It has recently been publicly revealed how Microsoft put it out of production all versions of Xbox One, or the line of consoles that characterized the last generation. The news comes from The Verge, and reveals how, much earlier than the competition, the company of Redmond has decided to discontinue the production of all consoles of older generation, letting the stores run out of the models left in stock, so as to incentivize the sale of Series X and Series S. Let’s see the details below.

All of the discontinued versions of Xbox One

The news comes from Cindy Walker, Xbox senior director for console product marketing:

To focus on Xbox Series X | S production, we have discontinued production of all Xbox One consoles by the end of 2020.

Xbox One: All models are out of production

The official news of the interruption of the production of Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital dates back to more than a year ago; with today’s news then, we learned that shortly after all the Xbox One S (standard edition). Despite this period of crisis for the hardware market, it seems that in any case Microsoft can easily make up for the request of new generation consoles, and therefore there is not too many doubts about this choice.

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