Xbox presents the Minecraft Trails & Tales update

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Minecraft announced the launch date of the highly anticipated update Trails & Tales. It will be possible to find a series of innovations concerning Archaeology, the Sniffer and more. That’s when it will be available for download.

Minecraft Trails & Tales: The Game Update

The Minecraft Trails & Tales update will be available starting June 7. Below are the main news.

Minecraft Trails & Tales, l’Archeologia

Archeology adds an extra historical touch to the worlds, allowing for more storytelling possibilities. Players will find out suspicious sand in the new desert temple rooms and the new suspicious gravel in the ruins of the ocean or in the trail ruins, a novelty found in cold biomes. Players can discover hidden tools, such as: bones, sniffer egg and pottery shards. By combining four of these, it is possible to create a vase with patterns that tell a unique story.


The winner of the Minecraft Live mob vote 2022 has been brought back to life: players will find snifflet eggs at archaeological sites, a baby snifflet will hatch from these eggs and grow into the huge snifflet, one of the biggest friendly mobs in always in minecraft. The sniffer will reveal the old seeds to grow into new plants torchflower e pitcher.


Another mob with a will of its own: players can mount and lift it, but when a camel without its driver wants to sit down, it will. With its long legs, the camel keeps players safe from zombies on the ground, allowing them to sprint or run for cover. The camel can accommodate two riders, making it the perfect mob to go on an adventure with a friend.

Cherry Groves

These beautiful new trees fill the horizon with a gorgeous shade of pink. Cherry Groves can be transformed into a pink forest, including new hanging signs, and cherry saplings to grow more lovely pink trees. Players will also be delighted to see a special effect created by falling petals, unique only to cherry groves, as well as a new ground decoration with pink petals.

Armor Trim

Players can express themselves through their armor, combining different materials and blacksmithing patterns for a wide variety of customization options. In total, they are available 16 armor trimincluding those found in ancient cities and trail ruins, and numerous unique combinations.

Bamboo Wood, Chiseled Bookshelves and more

Bamboo can now be made into a full range of bamboo wood blocks like them bamboo rafts that work like boats with a unique look. Players can also now add les to their worlds Piglin heads, which drop when a Piglin is killed by a creeper. The Chiseled bookshelves they take Minecraft storytelling to the next level, allowing players to record the stories and lore of their world in customized libraries, along with their most treasured enchanted tales. The hanging signs (Hanging signs) they add new ways to decorate and can now have lettering on both sides and be edited without destroying them.

Changes to some game features

Some of the main features have received changes and improvements based on feedback from the community. In addition, changes have been made to some important features including:

  • Calibrated Sculk Sensors: This new variation of Sculk Sensors, which allows vibrations to be filtered based on their frequency level, opens up a variety of possibilities for Redstoners. They are not found in nature and can only be made by hand.
  • Vibration Resonance: Amethyst blocks have a new behavior when placed near Sculk Sensors. If the Sculk Sensor receives a vibration, the amethyst block re-emits its frequency as a separate vibration at its location.
  • Full changelog: The complete list of changes made since recent snapshots is available on

Along with the release of Trails & Tales on June 7, the availability of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Chromebook, downloadable from the Google Play Store, with the ability to play on multiple devices with friends. You will also be able to access the Minecraft Marketplace and play on Realms.

The soundtrack of Trails & Tales: here’s where to listen

For lovers of Minecraft and its soundtracks, Xbox offers the opportunity to listen to the Trails & Tales soundtrack.

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