The RB17 will debut at Goodwood 2024

The new single-seater, or rather Red Bull's new workhorse, the RB17, will debut at Goodwood 2024 and Adrian Newey will complete the project he started with the team before abandoning it

Although the technical director of the Red Bull team, Adrian Newey, has decided to leave the Red Bull team, he will however continue to work for build the RB17which will arrive at Goodwood 2024. This is the biggest project the Red Bull Chief Technical Officer has ever worked on, as it is his first hypercar completely designed by him. Newey's contract with the Toro Rosso team will end in 2025, but until then he will continue to work on the RB17 as a parting gift to the team and as a thank you for all the years of career he has enjoyed. This is information that he confirmed the Red Bull itselfexplaining that they will present it to Goodwood Festival of Speed 2024 and that Adrian Newey will focus on the final development and delivery of the hypercar which will be presented in July.

The RB17 will debut at Goodwood 2024The RB17 will debut at Goodwood 2024

RB17 at Goodwood 2024: what will it be like?

The one that will be there Red Bull's first hypercar, the RB17 will be a hybrid super sports car that will be intended only for track racing. According to what the company reported, the car will have a new V10 engine of approximately 1,000 HP, which can reach a rotation speed of 15,000 rpm thanks to the presence of a 200 HP electric motor in support. There are some rumors (which we specify are not confirmed) that report that the hypercar it will weigh less than 900 kg and that it will be able to achieve lap times comparable to those of an F1 car. Peak downforce is estimated at 1,700 kg at 240 km/h and as much as 900 kg at 193 km/h. Red Bull will only build 50 copies and will be sold at a price of 6.3 million dollars.

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