Xbox will remove automatic clip sharing

Stop alla condivisione automatica delle clip sui social dalle console Xbox thumbnail

Microsoft is testing the removal of automatic social media clip sharing from Xboxes. A feature present on the consoles of the big X for years.

Xbox: goodbye to direct clip sharing

As part of the new Xbox dashboard update tests, Microsoft is removing the automatic sharing feature of game clips on social networks. In particular, the feature was used to quickly share videos on Twitter. According to what was reported by Windows Central, however, the direction that the company is taking will lead to a further step, leading to the sharing of clips on mobile. The idea is in fact to send the videos to the smartphone, and share them on social networks from there. So goodbye to a feature presented on Microsoft consoles for years, which further differentiated it from PlayStation and Nintendo, both lacking this feature.

We remind you, however, that the Microsoft tests are still in progress, therefore it is not certain that the elimination of the functionality will be formalized. In fact, it could only be a momentary choice, also because there are many users who use the direct sharing feature on Twitter on a daily basis. We will of course keep you updated on further developments.

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