Xiaomi unveils HyperOS, the new operating system not only for smartphones

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Xiaomi announces the arrival of a new operating system called HyperOS, which designed for stronger integration between devices in its product ecosystem. An important step for the company, since HyperOS will gradually replace the MIUI operating system which has been the hallmark of Xiaomi for over 13 years.

Xiaomi HyperOS, the new operating system replaces MIUI

The company confirmed that HyperOS will not be limited to Chinese borders but it will be available globally. The official debut of HyperOS is scheduled for next year serie Xiaomi 14, which will be launched by the end of the month.

HyperOS wants to go beyond the confines of smartphones, connecting a wide range of Xiaomi productsincluding devices for smart home and even cars. This synergy between devices represents Xiaomi’s vision for the Internet of Things (IoT), which aims to create a connected ecosystem of devices across 200 different categories.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun explained the evolution of this idea, saying: “In 2014, when the IoT business began to take shape, we started exploratory development and verification. In 2017, the research and development of a new system to support all devices and green applications with an integrated system structure. This is our research.”

HyperOS integra Android and Vela, a platform developed in-house by Xiaomi. This system completely rewrites the underlying architecture, creating a foundation for the Internet of Things that could support “tens of billions of devices with interconnected connections around the world.”

While Xiaomi hasn’t yet provided specific details on the OS’s features or what it will look like, we’ll find out everything when the Xiaomi 14 series officially launches at the end of the month. We will keep you posted.

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