XPG SUMMONER review: the keyboard you don’t expect

XPG SUMMONER review: the keyboard you don't expect

In this review of the XPG SUMMONER gaming keyboard, the word surprise goes hand in hand with the desire to tell how a phoenix can rise from its ashes and return to shine more beautiful than ever.

History teaches us that the word “gaming” is now applied to any object with an RGB backlight. It doesn’t matter if there is actually a good plus to the in-game performance or not.

Indeed, I myself am fascinated and fall constantly into the “LED trap” but, this time, I want to tell you a different review. In fact, in this article we are going to dissect a keyboard that is born as an ugly duckling and grows as a majestic swan.

I could go on and on and on to compliment this keyboard. This would probably break any unwritten rules that require you to leave comments at the end. The classic “let’s draw conclusions” that distinguishes the modern journalistic world and even more this type of articles.

To avoid undermining this dogma, I will limit myself only to telling you that we are in front of an excellent product. If you want to know more, just keep reading ours XPG SUMMONER keyboard review until its epilogue.

XPG SUMMONER review: the keyboard you don't expect

Let’s discover this mechanical gaming keyboard thanks to its technical sheet

  • Weight: 191 g
  • Dimensions: 445 x 88 x 19 mm
  • Anti-ghosting keys: 100%
  • Switch: Silver / Red / Blue CHERRY MX
  • Macro keys: 5
  • Interface: 2x USB 2.0 tipo A, 1 porta pass-through
  • Polling rate: 1000 hz
  • Key life: Over 50 million characters

XPG SUMMONER review: the keyboard you don't expect XPG SUMMONER review: the keyboard you don't expect

Packaging e design | Recensione XPG SUMMONER

On the front of the box we find a photo of the headboard with attached wrist rest and some information on it. A quick glance makes us guess the content and the main features of the same. The same is also repeated on the other parts of the packaging. Few but essential information gives us a complete picture.

Inside the package we obviously find the keyboard, covered with a plastic sheet to protect it from dust, the instruction manual and the warranty. In addition we also find a complete set of 9 spare keys (red) and the practical key to remove the keys.

The gunmetal gray color is appreciated and gives the headboard a certain authority. The only voice different from the choir is the XPG logo in chrome and embossed color that stands out just above the directional arrows. The wheel dedicated to media and the button to completely change the audio is appreciated. We would have liked to see a more complete set of multimedia keys with the ability to skip or pause a track but overall, we can’t complain..

Everything remains well backlit (or almost). The only footnote goes to the more striking double-function keys. In fact, it seems that the letters at the top of the key (we refer to the accented letters for example) remain more vivid.

This keyboard offers the possibility to choose between 7 basic color games that can be configured through dedicated software.

Profiles are truly reduced to an all-time low. Thanks to this reduction, the keyboard despite its completeness takes up very little space on the desk.

An applause goes to the choices of materials, design and ergonomics that characterize the wrist rest. An imitation leather material covers a layer of soft and welcoming material. Everything is enclosed in a plastic shell that rests on eight non-slip feet in the lower part. Last but not least, the wrist rest boasts a magnetic attachment that makes anchoring quick and safe. The embossed logo also gives a feeling of appreciable attention to detail.

Without too many hesitations, I can say this is the best palm rest my palms have ever rested on.

XPG SUMMONER review: the keyboard you don't expect

Xpg first: I software | Volume xpg summons

Thanks to the management software XPG Prime, we could set the macros and choose the color lighting we prefer from a nice choice of options available. THEThe software is indispensable and intuitive.

Thanks to the download of this program, we could not only organize macros and lighting but also update our keyboard to the latest firmware available.

The software does not boast a lot of options but it is complete. Among the various languages ​​available we also find Italian, a very welcome addition.

As for the backlight, in addition to the color change, you can also choose to quantify the amount of light emitted by the keyboard itself through a convenient percentage bar.

In short, the management software is as simple as it is indispensable!

XPG SUMMONER review: the keyboard you don't expect XPG SUMMONER review: the keyboard you don't expect

How does it behave in play and in writing? | XPG SUMMONER review

Here we are at the heart of this review. That part that really interests the gaming side and everyday use.

The keyboard, as you could read in its data sheet, is available in three switch variants. In our case the XPG SUMMONER is equipped with red switches which turn into 45 grams of force necessary for the command to be received for a stroke of 1.9 mm.

The red configuration is the one that is in the middle and allows you to have a immediate but silent pressure response. If you want a hard core gamer input, you can choose the Silver variant on the contrary, for a more “typing” but also noisier experience, the Cherry MX Blue are for you.

In the gaming phase we have absolutely nothing to complain about SUMMONER which is flawless in every aspect. We have tested its potential for a long time with game sessions, even very prolonged ones, on Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone without ever stopping for a moment to fully enjoy the input of this peripheral.

The input is precise and decisive. The antighosting function works perfectly and the switches are reliable and comfortable.

As for writing, we can safely say that the silence of the SUMMONNER is a very welcome addition, especially on a mechanical keyboard clearly devoted to gaming. The only flaw is the release noise that makes the sound of the spring prevail in the most excited keystrokes. A well known effect present in many keyboards of this type. Inaudible annoyance in gaming especially if you use headphones but which, in the writing phase, is obviously more audible.

Overall, however, we do not feel to blame the keyboard for this aspect which, as mentioned, is present in many mechanical keyboards (even subjective if desired) and in this specific case it is found in quite reduced form.

XPG SUMMONER review: the keyboard you don't expect XPG SUMMONER review: the keyboard you don't expect

The time has come to close the circle

As mentioned at the beginning of the review, we are faced with an ugly duckling that has become a beautiful swan. Originally this keyboard did not have an Italian layout, did not have management software and was sold at a price a little too high for what was offered.

Fortunately Adata XPG has rolled up its sleeves and finalized a work that otherwise would not have been able to appreciate by most.

Like a butterfly emerging from its bump, we are now faced with a product that hardly fears rivals. Net of some small shortcomings, we are facing a mature and satisfying product. Few frills and a lot of quality.

If you are looking for a keyboard that allows you to have an excellent performance in the gaming phase but that is also reliable in writing areas, you have found it. Its strengths are also the accessories (such as the wrist rest) and its completeness enclosed in its simplicity.

We would like to recommend it to anyone who wants a keyboard that is a faithful adventure companion in the game phase but that also behaves well in the writing phases.

Note: All photos in this review were taken with a Panasonic Lumix Dc-G90M.

9 Surprising

Points in favor

  • A reliable and amazing keyboard
  • A series of really good accessories
  • A simple but effective design

Points against

  • The pinging noise during writing may be annoying
  • Buttons dedicated to media stripped down to the bone

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