Yuki Tsunoda reveals his story in a limited and exclusive comic book trilogy

Yuki Tsunoda svela la sua storia in una trilogia di fumetti limitata ed esclusiva

The Formula 1 universe mixes with manga art in an innovative collaboration that offers an intimate look into the life of Yuki Tsunoda

Today, Catawikithe main point of reference in Europe for unique objects, proudly presents “The Yuki Trilogy,” a limited edition comic series revealing the life and adventures of the Scuderia AlphaTauri star.

Yuki Tsunoda: his comic book saga.

This series narrates the incredible journey of the pilotfrom his unexpected beginnings in the world of racing to his most personal moments off the track. The exclusive comic seriespersonally signed by the pilot, will be available for the purchase from September 20th to October 1st through aasta special su Catawiki.

Done with the same precision and passion from the acclaimed manga artist Inko Ai Takitathe trilogy gives fans an intimate look at his career and vita staff of Yuki Tsunodanarrated directly by the pilot himself.

In the first comicTsunoda reveals his unexpected entry into the automotive worldrecounting his first experience behind the wheel.

Il second number he focuses on his proud patriotismhighlighting a custom helmet with a distinctive Japanese maple sheet.

Finally, the third chapter explore them interests outside of racingbringing to the fore his passions for the sauna and for replicating the recipes of his favorite dish prepared by his mother: chicken.

“The first time I got behind the wheel, it was dazzling,” comments Scuderia AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda. “Observing my story through a manga is a nostalgic and emotional experience at the same time. It’s a new look at my journey.”

“Reimagining Yuki Tsunoda’s compelling journey in the manga was a challenge and an honor. The essence of her story, characterized by passion, tenacity and resilience, can be felt on every page,” says artist Inko Ai Takita.

Yuki Tsunoda reveals his story in a limited and exclusive comic book trilogy

Exclusive Yuki Tsunoda memorabilia up for auction on Catawiki

In addition to the comics, the fans passionate eh collectors they will have the opportunity to buy on Catawiki precious memorable things related to Yuki Tsunoda.

Among the items for sale there are: autographed gloves that the pilot will wear in next Japanese Grand Prixthe 2021 and 2022 autographed race suits, along with other autographed racing gear.

Furthermore, it will be possible to win exclusive items from the company’s archives Scuderia AlphaTauri and of Scuderia Toro Rossoamong which an original STR5 racing cara Max Verstappen’s racing suit and so on.

It `s important to note that a portion of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the non-profit Wings for Life foundationengaged in research for the treatment of spinal cord injuries.

“Formula 1’s influence goes beyond just racing, winning the hearts of pop culture fans around the world. The combination with manga, a Japanese art form par excellence, is electrifying to say the least,” observes Frédéric Caufriez, Category Manager Pop culture at Catawiki. “The creation of this unpublished comic book trilogy by Inko Ai Takita also brings with it a touch of nostalgia for Catawiki, marking a commemorative journey to the platform’s beginnings as a comics paradise.”

Doing bring the world of Formula 1 closer to its fansthis auction represents the collaboration Between Catawiki at Scuderia AlphaTauri.

Through one series of five online auctions that will be held during the yearall enthusiasts will have the opportunity to participate in offers for over 300 collectibles related to Formula 1.

The first two auctions achieved impressive results on Catawiki, attracting a total of almost 300,000 visitors and are testament to the enthusiasm for sports memorabilia in the market.

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