10 tips from Apple to get the most out of your iPhone

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Apple recently released a video that highlights 10 tips and tricks to make the most of your own iPhone, making the most of your device. Many of you, perhaps, may not know all these features which, apparently, are Apple’s favorites.

Let’s analyze these tips together: below, however, we report the official video.

Apple’s tips for getting the most out of your iPhone

  • Scan documents using the Notes app.

This is the first piece of advice Apple offers its users. The app Note available on your iPhones allows you to scan documents directly. To do this, all you have to do is tap the button Camera and then click on Scan Documents.

Then place the camera on the document and you can scan it. Finally click on Save and you will find it in your Gallery.

  • Note shared messages.

Another interesting tip from Apple is to pin shared content in the Messages section. The Cupertino company added the function Pin to Messages with the iOS 15 update. With this feature, you can pin a web link, message or other to keep it on top, so you can find it faster and easier when you need it.

To pin anything, just open the message thread and tap: then hold down the received message or link and click Pin from the pop-up menu.

  • Make your home screen more useful with Smart Stacks.

Thanks to Smart Stacks you can create up to 10 widgets on your smartphone and group them together to save space. This feature, introduced with iOS 14, allows you to put widgets on top of each other. The cool thing about this feature, which is why it is also called “smart”, is that it does emerge particular information based on the time of day and the way in which the user in question uses his smartphone.

For example, if the user is training, Smart Stacks will show themusic app (Spotify or Apple Music) at the top. Or, at the beginning of the day, the feature will show appointments of the day marked on the calendar.

  • Select multiple photos to add them to other apps.

This trick allows you to quickly save photos from a web page to compatible apps. To do this, first, select a photo with your finger and drag it away a bit. At this point, tap more photos to add them to the group. Once done, choose the compatible app and leave them there.

More tips to make the most of your device

Apple’s recommendations for make the most of your iPhone they do not end here. Let’s find out together the other tricks that the Cupertino company has revealed to us in the video, which you can see above.

  • Create “automatic text replacements” to type messages faster.

If you happen to use the same sentence while typing or sending a message, you can create one with your iPhone automatic text replacement to add that sentence by typing just one word.

To add a text replacement, all you have to do is go to the Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement. Now tap the icon ‘+’ at the top right and enter the phrase you want to replace with a word and then enter the word in the next column.

  • Copy and paste the text and other details from the photo.

The function Live Text present in iOS 15 allows users to interact with the text using the default camera app. Once the camera app scans an image, it gives users the ability to interact with the text.

To do this, you need the camera app and place it on top of a document or whatever you want to copy text from. Then you have to click the icon Scan Document in the lower right corner. Once the text appears on the screen, you can select, copy and paste the text from there.

  • View the first photo in the Gallery or search results without scrolling up.

How many times have you wanted to view the first image in your Gallery but it took at least ten years to find it? Now with this feature available on your iPhone, you can find it in seconds. For view the first photo in the Gallery without wasting time scrolling up, just touch the top of the iPhone screen: this will automatically scroll to the first photo or go to the top of the search result.

To go back to the most recent photo, instead, tap the section icon where you are.

  • Search from home screen and lock screen.

Swipe down on the home and lock screen for access the search bar and then type the query you want to search for. Here you will also be able to search by app or web address. Remember that you can only use this feature if you have iOS 15 or a newer version.

  • Accessing the camera from the lock screen.

Another feature that has been present in the iPhone for some time is that it allows you to access the camera directly from the lock screen. To do this, it is enough swipe left on the lock screen. Certainly most of you were aware of it. In any case, it is always good to remember its existence.

  • Swipe left to delete a digit while using the calculator.

If you have noticed, the iOS calculator app does not have a button which allows you to delete numbers. The sign is not even present ‘x’ to delete a number. This is because Apple has integrated the feature with a gesture. All you have to do is simply swipe your finger left or right to delete a digit.

If you haven’t downloaded iOS 15 yet, you can consult the official site from Apple.

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