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18App: what it is and how it works

You have often heard about this 18App from your friends, who have been able to purchase a book, a cinema ticket, a concert or anything else that has come to their attention: in this guide you will discover what 18App is and how it works

Let’s start by saying that today 18App it no longer existsin fact it was replaced by Youth Culture Charter. With this card you will have the opportunity to receive money from the state to help you with some expenses you would like to make, from the smallest to the largest expense. It can be a very useful thing for young people, especially because they do not have the possibility to afford too large expenses. Let’s talk about what this culture bonus is and what you need to do to get it.

18App: what it is and how it works

What is Youth Culture Card | 18App: what it is and how it works

First let’s explain specifically what la is Youth Culture Charter and then we’ll get to talking about how to get it. First of all, this youth culture card would be a culture bonus that the state reserves for all students who are about to turn 18 or who have already turned 18. This is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture which serves those students who want to purchase something to broaden their culture, such as a cinema ticket, a book, a music CD, a theater ticket, a concert ticket or a museum ticket.

This Youth Culture Card has a lot of advantages and the initiative is even supported by Amazon. To get this bonus you need to go to the official website of the initiative and you also need to have a ISEE that does not exceed 35,000 euros per year. Anyone who meets these requirements can register for the initiative by June 30 of the following year and spend the money by December 31st, always in the year following that of the eighteenth birthday. Those who graduated by the age of 19 with a grade of 100 cents can also request the Merit Card and you can also have it if you ask for the Youth Culture Card.

18App: what it is and how it works

How to log in | 18App: what it is and how it works

To access the Youth Culture Card you do not need to register, but you must have one SPID, a service that allows you to access all online postal and banking operations once you reach the age of majority. If you want to benefit from the culture bonus, you will have to open a SPID account to have all the necessary credentials. To do this, you have to go to the post office or any other Identity Provider (here you can find the complete and updated list). At this point you just have to fill out a form with all your personal data and make a request company digitalor even simply using an electronic identity card, a webcam recognition, a National CNS services card or more simply via SMS to a verified phone number.

You can also register for the service via Electronic identity card. To do this, just click here, and once done click on the button Log in present in the box Youth culture card (at the bottom) and choose the authentication method between SPID o CIE. Then click on the button Enter with SPID o Enter with CIE, log in with your SPID or CIE following the on-screen instructions and you’re done. Once done, you will be able to access the 500 euro bonus.

18App: what it is and how it works

Create a coupon | 18App: what it is and how it works

Once you are logged in, you will have your initial bonus of 500 euros. You can see if you have this bonus in the section wallet and you can also create vouchers that you can spend in physical or online stores that have joined the initiative. In addition to the 500 euro bonus, you can also create coupons. To do this, just click on the item create new voucher and at that point you will have to answer a question that will ask you which category the product you want to purchase belongs to. You can choose from the following options: Cinema, Concerts, Cultural events, Books, Museums, monuments and natural parks and archaeological areas, Theater and dance, Training, Recorded music.

Furthermore, in the section your vouchers, you can also check which vouchers you have spent and which vouchers you still have to spend. The voice good already spent in fact it will tell you which bonuses you have already taken advantage of, while the voice good to spend these are all you have available. If you want to create a coupon for a subscription or for a single ticket, you have to go to the field voucher amountclick on the button create good and then up he confirms and finally shut up. At this point the service will generate a 8-digit code, a QR code o one barcode and at that point you can use it to purchase the product you are interested in. Remember that unfortunately there is no app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet, but you can easily use the browser with which you access the internet, go to the site and generate the voucher.

18App: what it is and how it works

Spend a voucher

Once you have created your voucher, there is nothing left to do but go to a physical store or an online site to get the product you are interested in with the bonus. To find out where you can take advantage of these vouchers, you can find all the businesses that have joined the initiative by clicking here, so that you are already prepared and don’t have any nasty surprises. On the page Find an affiliated point of sale you can enter what you are looking for in the entry Search by name or address and Search by Property and Scope.

At this point click on Apply filters and on the right you will find all the shops matching your search. For the online stores the procedure is very simple, just enter the 8-digit discount code in the appropriate item after placing the product in the cart and at that point you will have purchased it with the bonus. For the physical storesinstead, simply show the QR or bar code to the cashier and you will be able to take advantage of your bonus.

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