1Password: Mac version 8 is coming with numerous improvements

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Version 8 of 1Password, popular password management software, is coming. This, designed for Mac devices, will feature a redesigned interface, a new Watchover and other new features.

1Password 8: Coming to Mac

With an announcement that arrived just a few days ago, 1Password announces that a major update for Mac will be released. According to the 9to5mac portal, the update will feature a redesigned interface, a new Watchtower and other new features.

The new interface, consistent with the designs of the latest macOS versions, will present a more modern look. The sidebar will be dedicated to displaying your favorite folders and items. The categories have instead been moved to the top of the screen.

It’s not just a cosmetic update though: 1Password 8 will include several new features. Among these we point out the new access indicator, which it will give us a precise picture of who accesses the individual folders. Also renewed the research system and the Watchtower, which now presents more detailed charts for each of the passwords. The software also features intelligent systems for generating complex passwords, useful in the event of sudden access changes.

Mac users will also enjoy full integration with web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge. 1Password will quickly display password hints and payment information. Furthermore, the developers stated that the upgrade will result in increased security and better overall performance.

1Password 8 is currently in beta, available to users enrolled in the beta testing program.

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