2K: a new videogame franchise is about to arrive

2K: sta per arrivare un nuovo franchise videoludico thumbnail

2K Games, the publisher of Borderlands, 2K NBA, Bioshock and many others, said, as part of a presentation of the financial data, that it will soon announce a new mysterious video game. This project according to what emerged this project should be revealed just this month and should be the first title of an unreleased franchise. A news that comes like a bolt from the blue, given that the last completely unpublished IP published by 2K dates back to 2016.

2K: new franchise is upon us

It’s hard to imagine what 2K has in store for us. Before E3, it was reported that the developer Firaxis, part of the 2K stable, was working on a Marvel strategy game, but of course there is currently nothing to suggest that this is the franchise that will be revealed this month.

Another pretty solid possibility is that the new title of the former Call of Duty boss will make its debut Michael Condrey. The manager is now at the head of a new 2K studio that is reportedly making a multiplayer-centric game, an element that could work in his favor regarding this elusive new IP, given the focus on online games seen recently.

Given the confirmation of the announcement by this month however, it is very likely that this will happen during Gamescom 2021 which, like last year, will be held in the form of a evento all-digital, the next August 25, 2021 with the Opening Night Live presented by Geoff Keighley.

For the occasion 2K also shared some sales data regarding GTA V, which passed the 150 million copies sold, while Red Dead Redemption 2 stands at 38 million units. In short, the future of the publisher seems smoothed and we can’t wait to discover the nature of this new franchise.

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