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4K UHD, Dolby Audio, here is the Xgimi Aura projector

You are looking for an ultra short range projector 4Kcon Dolby Audio, Android TV10? So, let’s find out all the details of Xgimi Aura together, the perfect ally to bring great cinema directly to your home.

Xgimi Aura

If you are a fan of cinema, it is very likely that you have always wanted to bring the emotions of the great hall into your home. In fact, home cinema is now an extremely widespread phenomenon capable of guaranteeing complete audio and visual immersion, just like in the cinema. Thanks to modern projectors, creating entertainment experiences at home has never been easier, but finding the perfect ally is essential.

Among the countless proposals on the market, Xgimi offers Aura, an ultra-short throw projector capable of projecting an image from 100 inches from a distance of just 20 centimeters from the wall, reaching up to 150 “to 44 centimeters. Not bad right?

Xgimi Aura 5

The Audio and Video features

From a technical point of view, Xgimi Aura offers a state-of-the-art audio system. The model in question is in fact gilded with 4 Harman-Kardon 15 Watt speakers. They are integrated into the projector and include Dolby Audio support, allowing you to actually hear every little detail of your favorite movie with immersive audio.

Visually, the projector boasts ALPD technology. Therefore, Xgimi Aura offers sharpness 4K UHD amazing and extremely realistic colors. Thanks to a brightness of 2.400 ANSI Lumen, Aura is able to highlight every little detail at any time of the day. Furthermore, thanks to the MEMC function it is possible to intervene on moving images to improve them.

Connectivity and Design

Xgimi Aura supports the Android TV10 operating system, which grants access to more than 5,000 applications such as Disney +, HBO Max and YouTube. There is also the Play Store, Google Assistant, Chromecast function and the ability to play videos from external memories.

Xgimi Aura also winks at aesthetics, adapting best to any decor. In addition, it supports up to 3 HDMI ports, allowing you to connect external devices, such as Blu-Ray players, game consoles and set-top boxes, 3 USBs, one optical output, one Ethernet and audio jack.

Xgimi Aura 4

And then again

The MediaTek MT9629 processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory complete the equipment of Xgimi Aura. The noise is low, below 32 decibels and the declared autonomy is really excellent: up to 25,000 hours (4 hours of content per day for 17 years).

Retail price

Xgimi Aura is already available in Italy on the Attiva website at the recommended price of 2.499,00 Euro. As always, tell us your opinion on our Facebook page.

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