5 reasons to choose an ASUS notebook with OLED display

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The ASUS OLED notebook range represents an important market reference point. To show the benefits and potential of this technology, ASUS has developed the progetto In Search of Colors. This project led to collaboration with photographers Eleonora Proietti and Manuel Bifari, founders of the production company ME Productions and specialized in photographic production of events, lifestyle, fashion and celebrities.

Top 5 reasons to prefer ASUS OLED notebooks according to professional photographers

The In Search of Colors project by ASUS led Eleonora Proietti and Manuel Bifari to shoot in different settings characterized by deep blacks, high contrasts and bright colors. These contexts allow you to enhance the display of ASUS notebooks that ensure optimal viewing of images.

There are 5 basic reasons for choosing ASUS laptops with OLED displays. It starts with the possibility of being able to benefit from extremely realistic colors thanks to best-in-class color gamut (100% DCI-P3). Then there is the possibility of exploiting the deep blacks typical of OLED screens which leave the pixels off to make black.

Do not miss the eye protection. In fact, ASUS notebooks with OLED displays emit up to 70% less blue light than LCD displays. Then there are available to users always vivid and rich colors even with reduced brightness. THE3D color volume is up to 60% higher than LCD screens. Also noteworthy is an excellent fluidity of the image with a response time of 0.2 ms.


The comment of the photographers

Eleonora Proietti, professional photographer, e Manuel Bifari, his partner and co-founder of the production company ME Productions, born in 2019. emphasize: “The color rendering in the photos we took and then post-produced using the ASUS OLED screen of our ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro 16 OLED laptop was remarkable. This type of technology helps a lot in the perception of colors and above all black to create and enjoy photographic works as close to reality and rich in details “

The company’s OLED notebook range

ASUS is the first brand to offer a full range of notebooks with OLED displays. Available to users there are solutions such asASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro 16 OLED, reference of the ASUS ProArt line, available starting from 2,599 euros. Also note theASUS Vivobook Slate 13 OLED with touch display that can be purchased from 699 euros.

Then there is the notebook ASUS Vivobook Pro X OLED, available in 14 and 16-inch versions starting at € 1,199. The excellent is also available to users ASUS Vivobook 15 OLED with 15-inch OLED display and prices from 919 euros.

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To complete the range we find ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED with ASUS ScreenPad Plus, available from 3,499 euros, ASUS Zenbook Flip S 13 OLEDthe world’s thinnest OLED convertible starting at € 1,599, and ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED and ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED, the new ultraportable soon available in Italy.

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