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5G enters classrooms with Qualcomm Wireless Reach

Qualcomm, WeSchool, TIM and Acerin collaboration with theUNESCO and I-COM, they organized an event called “Next Gen School“, with the aim of talking about tomorrow’s school – starting today. On this occasion, we were able to discover the first results and the most interesting projects of Qualcomm Wireless Reachthe project that brought 5G to schools in Italy with the project 5G Smart School.

Qualcomm Wireless Reach: 5G enters Italian schools

5G technology has the potential to revolutionize the Italian school system. In fact, it’s already happening. The 5G Smart School program, developed by Qualcomm Incorporated through its Wireless Reach initiative in partnership with WeSchool, TIM and Acer, offers next-generation technology solutions to schools.

The goal of the program, announced during the Next Gen School event we attended, is to improve the experience of learning through the use of digital tools, content and experiences. It is about enabling both teachers and students to benefit from the latest technologies.

Students of the IISC Cattaneo of Milan minStudents of the IISC Cattaneo of Milan

Using wireless technologies, 5G connectivity, access to an online learning platform, training in innovative digital teaching methodologies and ongoing teacher support, the program 5G Smart Education enhances teaching and learning in secondary schools throughout Italy for students between 11 and 19 years old.

5G to study and teach better

The Next Gen School event was attended by institutional representatives who spoke about technology as an enabling factor for learning. From the Italian Ministry of Education to members of the Italian Parliament, via the European Commission and UNESCO. But perhaps the most interesting points were presented by the students who participated in 5G Smart School, who presented their projects to the audience in Rome and in streaming throughout the country. An example of how technology can become an enabler, inside and outside the classroom.

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Marco DeRossi, CEO WeSchool, says: “5G Smart School demonstrates that technology in education is not just a tool to improve individual work. Technology, connectivity and innovative methodologies can also improve the collaboration in person, imagining a new model of school for the future“.

Qualcomm Wireless Reach and 5G Smart School: the importance of digital

Education is a key element for the growth, economic prosperity and development of both developed and developing countries. Indeed, according to the data of the World Economic Forum, in 2022 over 60% of world GDP should depend on digital technologies – even if 37% of the world’s population, almost 3 billion people, remain offline.

Digital therefore not only represents a different way of teaching, but also a possibility for the future of the boys and girls of our schools. That they will need to know how to work in teams and use technology, no matter what job they choose.

Enrico Salvatori, Senior Vice President of Qualcomm Europe, Inc. and President of Qualcomm Europe/MEA, explains: “Qualcomm is a leader in advanced technologies and solutions that are essential to bridging the digital divide, including wireless connectivity and high-performance systems and low consumption. We believe that access to advanced digital tools in schools is so important for students’ educational growth. The 5G Smart School program is an example of our efforts within the Italian school system and schools, across Europe and worldwideto narrow the gap”.

Enabling technology

The program 5G Smart School aims to overcome the difficulties that prevent the adoption of wireless technologies in the classroom and outside it. Like thea need for digital content and assessments, infrastructure, privacy and security, and training for teachersi.

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The goal of the program is to accelerate the development of digital skills of secondary school students in Italy, involving about 2,000 students and 100 teachers in eight schools. Advanced digital tools will be provided to teachers, such as i Acer notebooks equipped with the Snapdragon platform 5G, and student Wi-Fi models. All devices will be connected to TIM’s 5G network, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience. Computer always on and connected.

Daniel Franceschini, Head of Technology and IT Planning, Engineering & Innovation of TIM declares: “Our commitment has always been to guarantee quality connectivity services and accelerate the digital transformation in Italy. We have joined this project because we believe it is in line with what we are doing in every sphere, public and private. The 5G FWA and 5G mmWave technologies are a further tool to keep our Italian schools in step with innovation”.

Qualcomm Reach Wireless and 5G Smart School solutions

All teachers participating in the 5G Smart School program receive constant professional development and access to piattaforma online WeSchooL. Which prepares them to use advanced teaching tools.

During the event, from institutions to teachers, everyone explained how immersive experiences – including gaming – can help train young people. For this, teachers have at their disposal tools include Minecraft for Education e CoSpaces Eduintegrated with innovative methodologies such as the Project Based Learning e il Role Play to enhance teaching and make learning more engaging.

qualcomm wireless reach education min

The goal is to develop both soft and hard skills in students and involve teachers. Regardless of their experience in technology or the subject they teach. In the second phase of the project, they will come used virtual reality headsets to increase immersion and interactivity, bringing advanced technologies also to schools in urban and rural areas.

Alexander Barbasta, Commercial Head of Acer Italy, explains: “We have gladly joined the 5G Smart School project which has allowed us to be able to equip the schools involved with our devices and allow students and teachers to use the technological tools necessary to improve the teaching experience . In fact, our products dedicated to the education world represent the essential tool to support school activity, as they are characterized by reliable performance, resistance, versatility, security and advanced connectivity options for facilitate the connection, collaboration and involvement of children.”

Schools are getting smarter – something that makes teachers and students smarter as a result.

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