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5G in Italy: consumers want more quality, coverage and efficiency

The level of consumer satisfaction with 5G in Italia increased by 14 percentage points in just one year. According to the statements of the interviewees, the factors that influence the level of satisfaction are also changing. We move from considerations on the geographical coverage of 5G to more experience-based metrics, such as the quality of video streaming and the availability of 5G within the home.

5G in Italy, the Ericsson report 5G Value: Turning Performance into Loyalty

This is what emerges from “5G Value: Turning Performance into Loyalty”, the new report fromEricsson ConsumerLab on customer loyalty and business opportunities linked to the new generation of mobile networks.

The report further reveals that unsatisfactory 5G connectivity experiences in key locations such as stadiums, entertainment arenas and airports can make customers up to twice as much more likely to change operator.

5G in Italy, the importance of a service with adequate performance

The great importance of having a service capable of guaranteeing adequate performance everywhere – and increasingly so – emerges even in indoor environments – to maintain the trust of customers who change operator with a certain ease, given that the 29% of Italian users said they had done so since the commercial launch of 5G in our country.

Among these, well the 39% it did so due to problems encountered in the performance (outdoor and indoor coverage, connection stability, speed) of the 5G network. An analysis conducted by Ericsson on the 5G offering of 105 operators active in 30 different markets reveals that around 13% have already started offering offers based on quality of servicewith different characteristics.

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The 5G Stock Pro offer

For example the offer “5G Stock Pro” di 3 Hong Kong allocates more resources and priority network usage to improve the experience of a stock trading application; China Unicom’s “Super Live Streaming” offering offers priority on the uplink (i.e. data transmission); Ooredoo Kuwait’s “ProPing” service offers a premium plan with low latency for mobile gaming on 5G network.

Finally, a final insight emerges from the Ericsson research that operators can look at carefully. The availability of innovative service packages has a fundamental role in encouraging the exploration and adoption of advanced video applications, especially in markets where these services are readily available.

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