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60 countries sign the Declaration for the future of the Internet

Italy, together with 60 other countries in the world, has signed the Statement for the future of the Internet. It is a I commit common, as topical as ever, in favor of a “single global Internet” that is “truly open” and able to guarantee the promotion “of competition, privacy and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms of all people”. The commitment of the Declaration for the future of the internet is also linked to the possibility of guaranteeing “the free flow of information” and “inclusive and sustainable connectivity” to ensure that all people actually have the opportunity to benefit from the digital economy.

The Declaration for the future of the Internet also involves Italy

To disclose the news concerning the signing of the Declaration for the future of the internet were the USA who underlined the goal of “promoting this vision and its principles globally, mutually respecting regulatory autonomy in their jurisdictions and in accordance with their respective domestic laws and international legal obligations”.

Many challenges for the future

How this Declaration will be applied for the future of the Internet is, of course, still to be verified. The principles behind Internet regulation are always a topical topic, particularly in the past two years and in the Western world. The challenges posed by disinformation, obstacles to accessing the web and security problems are numerous. The signatories of the new Declaration confirmed their willingness to give life to a common commitment for a better future. We will see how this commitment is translated in the future.

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