6G network, South Korea plans to be the first to roll it out in 2028

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Recently, the South Korean Ministry of Science has announced plans to launch its own network 6G using world-class technology, next-generation mobile networks based on advanced software, and ultimately strengthening network supply chains. Here are the details.

South Korea wants to roll out 6G network in 2028

The South Korean Ministry of Science intends to be the first to launch the new 6G network, scheduled for 2028. The government will encourage local companies to produce materials, components and equipment for the development of this project.

The deployment of the 6G network is worth a considerable cost 625.3 billion of with (approximately $482.1 million). With this initiative, South Korea aims to become a world leader in the field of technology.

It should be emphasized that South Korea is the fourth largest economy in Asia and accounted for the 25.9% of patents made on 5G in 2022. To compare the numbers, just think that China accounted for 26.8%. This time, however, South Korea aims to exceed 30% and more on 6G network patents.

The deputy director Zhang Yongtao, deputy director of China’s technology department Ericsson said the 6G network will merge the virtual with the real. Furthermore, he suggests that this type of network will lead orographic communication to become a commonly used medium.

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I primi esperimenti di rete 6G

The test conducted by the Korean giant is pioneering LG Electronicsin collaboration with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft e il Berlin Institute of Technology (two of the largest applied research institutes in Europe). Together they succeeded in wirelessly sending and receiving data across frequencies teraherz (Thz), in an external environment and over a distance of 100 metres, using an ad hoc power amplifier which was able to generate a stable signal of up to 15dBm of power, in the frequency range between 155 and 175 Ghz.

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