A 14-inch iPad Pro set to arrive in 2023

Un iPad Pro da 14 pollici pronto ad arrivare nel 2023 thumbnail

Good new on the Apple front. According to Ross Young, analyst at Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), the company is developing a iPad Pro con un display mini-LED 14.1 inch. Yet another interesting indiscretion, which is added to many other advances already leaked on the Net. But let’s find out something more.

iPad Pro: Apple could launch the new device in early 2023

“Confirmed that the 14.1 ″ iPad Pro is in development with our supply chain sources. It will have MiniLED and ProMotion. I’m not sure of the timing, but the start of 2023 could be more likely ”. So said Ross Young in a tweet shared yesterday from his account. An anticipation that seems to have been confirmed by leaker “Majin Buu”, who said that Apple is working on a 14.1-inch iPad Pro with chip M2 and “with 512 GB and 16 GB of base memory”. Also, according to the leaker, the new iPad M2 lineup should include “a new 11-inch model with no major changes” and a 12.9-inch one with thinner bezels around the display.

In any case, the same “Majin Bu” reiterated that the new features of iPadOS 16, such as Stage Manager and Display Zoom, suggest the launch of an iPad Pro with increased dimensions. And here is that Young confirms the indiscretion by talking about the launch of a new 14.1-inch Pro model. And while the two agree on the device’s increased size, they don’t seem to be on its launch date. According to Majin Buu, the new iPad Pro models from Apple will be unveiled in the company’s fall event, while Young speculates that they will arrive on the market. early 2023.

In fact, the first to leap about an oversized iPad was Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Last year, in fact, he wrote: “I was told that Apple has engineers and designers working on bigger iPads that could hit stores in a couple of years. They’re unlikely for next year, with Apple’s focus on a redesigned iPad Pro in its current size for 2022, and it’s possible they’ll never arrive. But a large iPad would be the perfect device for many people, myself included, and would continue to blur the lines between tablets and laptops. ” At this point, therefore, it only remains to be seen whether the analysts are really right.

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