Una città in Cina finanzia un'app di incontri per combattere la denatalità thumbnail

A Chinese municipality finances a dating app to fight the falling birth rate

A city in China finances a dating app to fight the fall in the birth rate thumbnail

Fighting the low birth rate by funding dating apps: this is the idea of ​​the city-county of Guixi, in China, where the declining number of inhabitants is worrying. Guixi is actually used as a test city, given that the problem of falling birth rates seems to worry the whole of China.

The result is that the central government and local administrators are funding Palm Guixia dating app very similar to Tinder, which aims to facilitate meetings between singles.

Palm Guixi: the dating app that should solve the problem of falling birth rate in China

According to reports from China Youth Daily, the state newspaper that announced Palm Guixi, the problem of falling birth rates is particularly felt in China. Data from 2021 reveals that for every thousand citizens there are on average only 5.4 marriages. Palm Guixi would therefore be just one of the many initiatives in the plans of the Chinese government, which has already promoted another alternative solution in the city of Gaoan: a party in a park for singles only.

The Messenger reveals that it has also been promulgated in China a law prohibiting the payment of gifts by the groom to the woman for the wedding. A tradition that has its roots in oriental folklore, difficult to eradicate, but which in practice would negatively affect unions, given that not all men can afford to, pardon the pun, use up one’s estate for the marriage.

Will a dating app be enough to raise the birth rate in China?

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