A Chinese user changes the design of the LG Wing

Un utente cinese cambia il design dell'LG Wing thumbnail

LG was one of the companies that launched smartphones with the most original designs on the market. Just think of the dual screen of the LG G8X ThinQ or the modular design of the LG G5 to make us miss the production of the company. And indeed, we are quite certain that with theLg wing society has truly reached its peak. The latest product before LG permanently closes its smartphone production section. And perhaps for this reason a Chinese user has decided to pay homage to the company by offering a new design of its best-known phone. Let’s see how.

LG Wing: a Chinese user changes the design of the smartphone

Lately Mishaal Rahman He pointed out that a user turned to Bilibili, a Chinese platform, to upload a video that saw him dissect the wing of the LG Wing and insert a display on the only front of the phone. Specifically, the shared content shows the different stages of rebuilding the smartphone by the user. First, the rotating and lower displays are seen to be eliminated. Then the user assembles the logic board on the new body of the phone, which is the “old” support for the wings.

In the end, we see that the user is fully committed to the implementation of the so-called “smartphone sandwich“. The operation then proceeds with the assembly of the screen, the logic board and the battery to the body of the smartphone. At this point, the video shows the placement of the battery directly below the display. An unusual choice, especially considering that it could greatly increase the risk of fire. But basically it’s pretty unlikely that anyone will actually decide to mass-produce this weird version of the LG Wing.

Despite this, the smartphone clearly shows a working display, a pop-up camera module and a custom LED strip. The features are still quite questionable, but the design is eye-catching enough to be compelling.

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