Uno sviluppatore cambia il font di sistema di iOS 16, senza jailbreak thumbnail

A developer changes the iOS 16 system font, without a jailbreak

The programmer Zhuowei Zhang could change the font for iOS 16 su iPhone, without using a jailbreak but using an exploit (already resolved by Apple with iOS 16.2). The developer has therefore created an app to give you more control over the style of your iPhone.

An app to change iOS 16 system font, without jailbreak

Zhuowei Zhang ha pubblicato su Twitter its own new application that allows you to change the sources of iOS 16, without the need to jailbreak the operating system. He indeed exploited l’exploit CVE-2022-46689which allows apps to run code with kernel privileges.

A potentially dangerous situation occurred with iOS 16.1.2, and since iOS 16.2 fixed this and other security issues, most users should upgrade and not worry about sources. But if you are a power user and still have iOS 16.1.2 or earlier, you can switch without jailbreak i font.

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At the moment, the developer has experimented with implementing only a few fonts, since iOS has its own dedicated format. For now you can use DejaVu Sans Condensed, Serif, Mono e Choco Cooky (the one pre-installed by default on Samsung smartphones).

Zhang explains that the procedure should be safe for those who want to test it, but also advises the more experienced to back up your device. It also specifies that the change will not affect some elements of the operating system that use other fonts.

The developer has posted the source code and several details on GitHub, opening up the possibility that other programmers are also using his solution to customize iPhone software. On GitHub you will also find the instructions to install the app, but you need technical skills to be able to carry out the whole procedure: it is not a solution for the inexperienced.

What do you think: would you like Apple to give the default option to change the font of your operating system? Let us know in the comments.

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