A drone saves a fisherman from a shark attack

Un drone salva un pescatore dall'attacco di uno squalo thumbnail

An operator has spotted a shark with his drone who was attacking a fisherman and took care of call for help immediately, who rescued the diver. The drone was flying over that part of the ocean by a lucky coincidence.

A drone allows you to save a fisherman from a shark

Matt Woods he was sunbathing on his terrace above Bondi Beach, in Australia. Bored, he decided to fly his drone DJI Mavic 2 Zoom over the ocean, to record some images of Australian waters. But he never expected to find a fisherman attacked by one shark.

He told the Daily Mail: “I spotted the shark right away because there was a float full of fish. And as I got closer I saw that he was circling a diver in the water. The fisherman was trying to dissuade him and chase him away with the tip of his spear gun. The shark then attached the float to which the fisherman was attached. He was attacking him and trying to bite him, throwing him around ”.

Instead of just watching the scene, Woods took his girlfriend’s phone and alerted the lifeguards at the beach across the street. All of which did evacuate the waters while they got on the jet skis to reach the diver as soon as possible. It’s been about thirty minutes since Woods called, to cover the distance and secure the beach.

“We got in touch with the lifeguards right away. While I was over the shark with my drone, the whole time I was on the phone guiding them. I was very happy when the lifeguards came out and I saw that the diver had managed to get to the beach ”.

Mako sharks like the ones in the video do not usually attack humans: there have only been nine attacks on men since 1580. But sometimes they are attracted to fish caught by fishermen. The rescue intervention made it possible to save the diver, who must also thank a drone and its operator.