In arrivo un aggiornamento gratuito per Nintendo Switch Sports: riguarda il golf thumbnail

A free update is coming to Nintendo Switch Sports – it’s all about golf

The long-awaited golf update for Nintendo Switch Sports is almost here: it will be released on Monday, November 28th. The DLC will be available for free for all players and will feature 21 holes straight from the Wii Sports series.

Nintendo Switch Sports: The new update introduces the Survival Golf mode

In addition to improvements for local play, the update will also introduce an online multiplayer mode called Survival Golf. As the name suggests it is an elimination game, a sort of golf battle royale. Players will have to face seven other players online: whoever has recorded the most strokes at the end of each hole will be eliminated.

In reality Survival Golf should have been present in the game from day one, at the beginning of the year, but Nintendo perfected it before presenting it to the players.

In May, the title had come to surpass FIFA 22 for copies sold in Italy. Even our Erika, who previewed it for TechPrincess, wrote well. The review reads:

Nintendo Switch Sport it won me over during the preview, and it still has now, with the final game in my hands. We will certainly have to wait for the evolution of the online component and the entry into the field of the awaited Lega Pro but in the meantime I can tell you that the title is fun, colorful and exciting, capable of bringing sport closer even to those who, like me, no longer have the desire or time to practice it. Yet a few minutes in front of the TV were enough to rediscover my passion for tennis and volleyball”.

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