Unrecord: il gioco sparatutto talmente realistico che solleva polemiche thumbnail

A game so realistic as to create discomfort and controversy

We are now accustomed, especially thanks to new generation hardware, to ultra-realistic and cinematic-looking video games. Despite this, a game is amazing (and partly shocking) the web: it’s called Unrecord.

Unrecord is essentially one first person shooter (one FPS), but has a detail: the graphics sector uses a photorealistic technology so advanced that it almost creates discomfort. The player follows the bodycam perspective of a cop who, in a seedy Brazilian city, finds himself in gunfights and chases.

The new trailer released a few days ago left many players speechless, impressed by the level of realism represented. Stit almost looks like a cinematic trailer, but it’s actually a gameplay video. Within hours, the clip generated thousands of interactions on social media, even raising ethical debates. You can see it below.

Unrecord blurs the lines between reality and game

As mentioned, not everyone was thrilled by the trailer. Some online users have expressed perplexity about the representation of law enforcement that the game offers and the ethical implications given by its realism. Other users have criticized the game for its violence and for its glorification of the police, especially in a social context where protests against the law enforcement brutality they are frequent.

“Very beautiful setting, but deeply uncomfortable,” ha wrote on Twitter David Goldfarb, game director of Metal: Hellsinger and Payday 2. “Let me be very clear: there is room for games that make you uncomfortable. I never said this game shouldn’t exist. Will I play it? I do not know”.

Currently, a release date has not been announced for Unrecord, but it already has a Steam page. Until then, therefore, we just have to reflect on the subject. Below are some tweets from users who have expressed their conflicting opinions on the game.

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