A group of Russian hackers leaked the personal data of Ukrainian secret agents

Un gruppo di hacker russi ha pubblicato i dati personali di agenti segreti ucraini thumbnail

RaHDit, a group of Russian hackers, has announced that it has made public the personal data of thousands of secret agents of the GUR, the secret services of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. The hacker group has published detailed fact sheets with personal information, addresses, document data, telephone numbers and other information of various alleged Ukrainian secret agents.

A group of Russian hackers has disclosed the personal information of several Ukrainian secret agents

At the moment, the data released by RaHDit hackers have not been officially confirmed. It is therefore not clear whether the information is real or not. According to reports from the hacker group, the data were obtained thanks to a vulnerability in the Gur digital infrastructure that allowed access to all the information then published.

Disinformation and propaganda are central elements of the war in Ukraine and the information disseminated by RaHDit must be taken with a grain of salt. According to the Russian hackers, Ukrainian intelligence is allegedly involved in the development of nationalism with “their saboteurs threatening Russia”. It should be noted that RaHDit had previously published detailed information on employees of the Ukrainian special services.

Certainly, in the coming weeks, the hacker groups linked to Russia will return to the attack and will try to get hold, if only to feed propaganda, of further sensitive Ukrainian data. We will see what the next moves of the various hacker groups currently deployed on the digital front on the side of Russia will be.

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