A new technology will revolutionize notebook cooling

Una nuova tecnologia potrebbe rivoluzionare il raffreddamento dei notebook thumbnail

Il notebook industry could, shortly, be revolutionized by a new cooling technologynamed AirJet and developed by the American company Frore Systems. The startup has created what is called a solid-state cooling system which, in the initial phase of the project, convinced companies such as Intel and Qualcomm to invest several million dollars in the development of the startup.

AirJet technology aims to revolutionize notebook cooling

The solution developed by Frore Systems for chip cooling provides theinstallation of small membranes capable of vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency, creating an air flow that carries the cold air inside the device with the aim of disposing of the heat generated by the internal components. The system is more efficient and able to minimize noise.

Frore Systems has developed two versions of its AirJet, the Mini and the Pro, which can guarantee up to 100% improvement in cooling efficiency keeping noise below 30dBA, much lower than current cooling systems that easily exceed 40dBA.

This result is also achieved with one thickness of the dissipation system reduced by almost half compared to traditional solutions. The first solutions from Frore Systems will arrive on the market during Q1 2023 and will be used by “five of the top ten manufacturers in the world”. All the details on the project are available on the startup’s official website.

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