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A new update of Among Us is coming

It’s been a while since we found ourselves talking about Among Us, the mobile title that became famous during the pandemic. But we have not forgotten, quite the contrary. Soon the game could receive one of the biggest updates ever, which will totally change the gameplay we are used to. Do you want to know what it is? Let’s find out together.

Among Us: new update coming

If you are a fan of Among Us, we are sure this news will make you more than happy. The new version updated 2021.11.09 of the game adds (finally) a series of specific roles to crew members, giving them de facto “superpowers”. Then expect to impersonate the scientist (able to say that he is dead), the engineer (who can sneak into the same vents as imposters), or the guardian angel (which has the ability to protect other crew members from being killed). In addition, there will also be a new type of impostor, the Mutaforma, able to change their appearance to resemble any other crew member.

If all this is familiar to you, it is because the roles are very similar to those of “Town of Us”, a popular mod until recently. But that’s not the only new feature of the update. As it turns out, the developers of Among Us have anticipated they want to add more characters to play and also an additional map. And soon, new paid cosmetics could also arrive within the title, thus adding still a possibility of entertainment for the players. Among other things, the developers will also make available the account linking, to let you bring the gaming experience to PC, mobile, Switch and more.

Ready to try all the news? We can’t wait, let us tell you. Indeed, we take this opportunity to remind you that Among Us will be released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles on December 14th.

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