A new update on Fortnite is coming: here are the details

In arrivo un nuovo aggiornamento su Fortnite: ecco i dettagli thumbnail

Today Fortnite received an incredible update which brings many innovations in-game, including an expected one crossover event. The update was released at 10 this morning and, at the moment, the Epic Games servers are still offline. In the meantime, let’s find out all the details.

The new Fortnite update

Among the main innovations we find theexpected crossover eventarriving on February 17, 2022with Uncharted in honor of the official release of the film starring Tom Holland. The video game will in fact present the skins of Nathan Drake by Tom Holland e Chloe Frazer by Sophia Ali, as well as theirs look from the games officers.

Players will be able to purchase these skins fromItem Shop di Fortnite but be prepared, because there is much more to come, not just simple items from Uncharted. As part of the Uncharted crossover, Fortnite players will have the option of go hunting for treasures. The Treasure Map, which was last seen in May 2019, come back as part of the 19.30 update.

The Treasure Map takes players to a secret place that hides a buried treasure chestwith weapons Legendary The Mythical inside of. Players can hold solo one Treasure Map at a time but, if they wish, they can use more than one during a game.

Epic Games also announced that the update will fix some bugs present in the game. Below we report them:

  • Battle Royale:
    • The tents only have two slots for some players;
    • “Achieve Eliminations with an Assault Rifle” is marked complete but remains in the mission log;
    • Spider-Man’s web shooters drop with full use by eliminated players (competing only);
  • Save the world:
    • Players do not gain access to Expeditions despite meeting the criteria for obtaining them.

For more information you can consult the Epic Games official site.