A package arrives and you are not at home? The virtual goalkeeper takes care of it

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Whoever is writing this article, for reasons that it would be idle to explain here, is a compulsive recipient of packages and packages. Despite working at home, he doesn’t always manage to be at home when couriers and postmen arrive, and his mailbox often overflows with delivery notices with the hateful words “recipient absent”. And we leave out all the painful iter that follows.

The many who are in the same situation as us dream of having a mailbox the size of a room, or neighbors ready to wait for our correspondence in our place. Or, more simply, they regret it an increasingly outdated figure of the goalkeeper.

A figure that today can be easily replaced by the virtual goalkeeper. This is the idea of ​​the startup Vikey, which launched the Portiere24 service. That is a device that allows you to remotely manage the opening of condominium gates and doors.

Let’s find out more about the virtual goalkeeper Goalkeeper24.


Portiere24, we read on the official website, is “the application designed for condominium administrators and condominiums, simple and safe.”

And, more concretely, “the only solution that allows you to open the gate and condominium door with a simple tap on your smartphone.”

How the virtual goalkeeper works

Portiere24, the virtual concierge, is a facilitator of condominium life. Luca Bernardoni, CEO of Vikey, tells us concretely about how he works.

Bernardoni says: “One of the great trends of our time is to minimize the need for physical presence. Let’s think about how smart working is imposing itself, the rise of video conference programs, the delivery boom: the user no longer wants to negotiate the availability of his time, he has understood that services can follow him, and this trend little by little it is spreading to all areas of daily life.

Portiere24’s solution was to create a device capable of generating temporary digital keys capable of fully replacing the traditional ones “.

What Goalkeeper can do 24

The virtual concierge facilitates the work of administrators by making communication with the condominiums easier and less intrusive. Thanks to the Portiere24 app, in fact, condominium administrators and tenants can communicate very quickly. Whoever manages the building can, through the application, remember deadlines, request payments and check the reports of faults. In addition to posting notices on the bulletin board and sending personalized notices to individual condominiums, uploading documents that can be consulted and organizing chat meetings with condominiums.

The condominiums can instead warn in case of problems concerning the building or their apartment.

The digital keys

Ma the main function is to create digital keys that are continuously renewed, making Portiere24 safe and reliable.

Furthermore, the installation does not involve interventions on the building because the device is installed near the condominium door. This means no lock changes or internet connection. In addition, with Portiere24 administrators will be able to make technical rooms such as boiler rooms accessible to maintenance technicians, via app, greatly simplifying operations.

The subscription formulas

Portiere24 is available (on the site we talk about “launch prices”) at 29.90 euros per month for condominiums from 1 to 10 residential units. It then rises to 39.90 euros per month from 10 to 50 housing units and 49.90 for condominiums from 51 to 100 housing units. Above which it is necessary to request a personalized quote.

The virtual concierge subscription includes a dashboard for the admin, an app for all condominiumsa hardware for remote opening of the building door and ongoing assistance for this operation.


The idea of ​​Portiere24, we said, is Vikey’s. That is a startup that already has several smart lock and home automation solutions under its belt (not to be confused with the smart home, as we told you in another article).

Luca Bernardoni explains that “The goal is to ensure a saving of money and a good use of time both for those who manage one or more buildings and for individual tenants.

Portiere24 is the natural evolution of the experience gained in hospitality solutions in the world of condominium life to make access to the building easier and safer in case of need “.

Meanwhile, the company announces that several associations have already entered into a partnership with Portiere24. Among these, A.IM.A. (Associated Real Estate Administrators) and ASS.IAC (Italian Association of Administrators and Condominiums).

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