A patent anticipates a Samsung laptop with a foldable display

Samsung pensa ad un laptop con display pieghevole thumbnail

Samsung is now a reference in the sector of smartphone con display pieghevole thanks to the success of the Galaxy Z range. For the future, the Korean company could bring the experience gained with its smartphones to the smartphone sector as well laptop with the debut of an unprecedented solution anticipated by a new patent. Here are the details:

Samsung preparing to launch a laptop with a foldable display?

The patent was made public by 91mobiles magazine which also created a render of the project. As the attached image makes clear, the display should cover almost the entire “internal” part of the laptop going to “surround” the keyboard which, instead, would remain physical. The right-hand side of the keyboard could be used as a trackpad as well as occasionally serving as a secondary display.

The project should make use ofthe AMOLED panels already used by Samsung with its smartphones equipped with a foldable display. The patent dates back to 2020 but has only been made public in the last few weeks. At the moment, in any case, there is no confirmation regarding the possible realization of a laptop model with this technology.

We recall, however, that Samsung has now reached a high level of maturity for the creation of folding displays. The application in a laptop could be the next step in the growth program.

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