Un brevetto per farci trovare l'Apple Pencil, se smarrita thumbnail

A patent to let us find the Apple Pencil, if lost

The function Find My di Apple allows you to locate your branded devices and accessories in the event of loss or theft. Among them may soon be too Apple Pencil, the digital pen that is used with the iPad: a recent patent registered by Apple in fact describes a system for find Apple Pencil using built-in acoustic resonators in the pen.

Apple Pencil, a patent to let us find the lost pen

Patently Apple, an expert in analyzing the patents filed by Cupertino engineers, explains a particularly intelligent process for finding the pen. THE resonatorslocated under the tip of the pen, can emit a resonant frequency. This helps locate the pen using the Find My app on your smartphone.

The Apple Pencil could then communicate with the iPhone and produce a sound when needed, similar to how Apple devices do with the chip U1 Ultra Wideband using traditional radio frequencies. It’s just a patent, though, and it’s not sure Apple will actually use it, but the solution seems very practical and interesting.

Apple Pencil

The novelty would help to find your Apple Pencil. Which turns out more “easier to lose” compared to other Apple products, perhaps excluding the AirPods.

The first version of Apple Pencil arrives in 2015 and recharged via a Lightning connector. There second version was introduced in 2018 and introduced the ricarica wireless and a matte surface. This version also has the double tap function to quickly change the writing tool. Apple Pencil 2nd generation only works with 11-inch iPad Pro (1st to 3rd generation), 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd to 5th generation), and iPad Air (4th to 5th generation).

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