A Quiet Place: announced a video game of the well-known horror film

Among today’s unlikely announcements, the horror film A Quiet Place will become a video game, set in the same universe as the feature film

A Quiet Place is a film released in 2018, and that belongs to the genre “silent” horror: in fact, the particularity behind this work is like the silence is the key to survive. Quesya has received a surprisingly positive reception from general critics, obtaining excellent marks despite the fact that the story may at first glance suggest some film. of series B. It also received a sequel just this year, which in turn generated a lot of excitement. The A Quiet Place video game will be published by Saber Interactive, the same studio as World War Z, in collaboration with the Illogika team (also founded by various ex-members of Eidos and Ubisoft, has worked on several VR titles) and the newborn studio Ep1t0me.

Will a Quiet Place video game adapt the story of the movies?

The main plot of A Quiet Place centers around a family, while trying to stay alive despite humanity being been annihilated almost totally through the invasion of decidedly aggressive aliens. These beings do not possess sight, but compensate for this lack with a incredible hearing. This is why we must remain silent, so as to avoid being tracked down. Clearly, however, this is impossible to apply for some living beings: i children, for example, they are certainly not able to hide the noise, and this leads to finding themselves with a life to say the least difficult to preserve. Therefore, this setting that characterizes A Quiet Place will also be the same that will appear in the video game.

A Quiet Place: announced a video game of the well-known horror film

We will not try to adapt the story told in the film, but only of exploit the universe created by the authors to make a new original story. The game was designed to be a horror, singleplayer, story-driven adventure. Todd Hollenshead, head of the publisher studio, said the success of A Quiet Place clearly demonstrated how the audience is hungry of further adventures set in this universe, and Illogika will create an experience really engaging, that is able to respect the name of the work. This title will also be the first game Saber Interactive releases from an external studio.

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