Fortnite: a datamine reveals new Marvel skins coming soon

The House of Ideas has made Fortnite its new, well, home: here are the two intriguing new Marvel skins that emerged from the recent datamine

An update of Fortnite it means, in an almost inertial way, also many datamine and as many skin revealed well in advance: this time, however, the many collaborations planned during the season (from Avatar: The Legend of Aang to the usual appointment at the beginning of May with Star Wars) are also joined by two faces of the Marvel. The dataminer, this time, is one of the best known among battle royale players, HYPEX. On Twitter, the leaker showed two well-known faces of the House of Ideas, in this case in their cinematic incarnation. And unlike the bundle dedicated to the most recent Thor film, Love and Thunder, here the most appreciated predecessor is paid homage: Thor Ragnarok.

Skins, Billie Eilish, Marvel and more: what else awaits Fortnite, between leaks and datamines?

The Marvel skins, as you can see above, are Hulk in his “green scar” getup that made his debut in the Planet Hulk comic and Hela, specifically its big screen variant played by Cate Blanchett, but Fortnite certainly doesn't stop at the datamine. Indeed, we have recently seen a truly colossal leakwhich we have no doubt will have cost someone their job at Epic Games. This is in fact the internal roadmap for the whole of 2024confirmed almost instantly by the arrival of Billie Eilish (to which we will dedicate a guide shortly, ed.) in Festival mode. If only one straight line passes between two points, we can expect (among other things) i Metallica as successors to Eilish, one season AND dedicated to Chapter 2 e a second season entirely dedicated to Marvel in the autumn.

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