Un'estensione di Safari consente di utilizzare la dark mode su tutti i siti web thumbnail

A Safari extension allows you to use dark mode on all websites

The dark mode, or dark theme, is a feature that is always very popular with users but, while browsing online, it is easy to come across websites that do not support this mode. To work around this problem, users iOS and iPadOS in version 15 or later can access a particular extension of Safari. The extension in question is called Noir.

With Noir it is easier to navigate on iPhone and iPad by taking advantage of the dark mode with safari

By resorting to this extension, in fact, it is possible fforce a website to use dark mode when your iPhone or iPad has activated this feature. In this way, the user will be able to benefit from the advantages of dark mode even while browsing, in case a particular website does not support dark mode. The operation of Noir does not require user intervention. In fact, it is sufficient to install and activate the extension. Once activated, the extension will be able to work automatically, interacting with Safari and with the websites visited by the user. Furthermore, thanks to the dark theme, you can take advantage of the advantages of being able to count on an OLED display, reducing energy consumption.

How to install the extension

IOS and iPadOS users have the option to download Noir directly from the App Store. The application, however, is not free but must be purchased at the cost of 2,99 euro. For more details you can refer directly to Noir page on the Apple AppStore.

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