Su Twitch si prospetta un Halloween da paura thumbnail

A scary Halloween is expected on Twitch

To celebrate this frightening Halloween, Twitch offer a rich panorama of choices, which meet everyone’s tastes. Let’s find out all the details together.

Halloween on Twitch: a thrilling program

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To fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Halloween night, one of the channels to follow is that of Silvia Riccò, HorrorDependence. On her Twitch channel, Silvia explores the all-round horror world. It starts with video games such as DOOM, Until Dawn and Dead by Daylight, up to various insights on cinema, TV series, literature, comics and action figures. Through this rich program, he accompanies his community to discover all aspects of the horror genreeven in the most hidden meanders.

Silvia, however, is not the only one talking about cinema are Twitch. On the platform there are in fact perfect spaces to collect ideas on best horror filmsstarting with movieplayerit, official channel of the famous Italian portal. Every week movieplayer dedicates one own column in horror cinema, Scream Queen. But not only: the channel of NAQB“Don’t Open This Blog”, devotes all his programming to insights into horrorcomplete with reviews of movies, interviews to directors and operators e reaction to trailers of new releases.

On Twitch we can also find many podcast interesting. In fact, there is a channel that was born with the intention of host live recordings of Carcassa, carcassahorrorpodcast. Here we dig into the depths of horror, and bring out curiosity and interesting details for all lovers of the genre.

True crime e gaming

Fans of true crime, on the other hand, they can count on some completely dedicated channels. Among them we find that of Francesca Bugamelli, Bugalalla, psychology student and aspiring criminologist. Francesca, in addition to telling in three weekly appointments on Twitch the most heinous stories and crimes, with insights and interviews, carry out first-person inquiries. Its goal is to shed some light on some of the more gruesome events which have affected Italy.

To conclude, of course, channels relating to the world of gaming. Among the many, Kodomo, as a great fan of the genre, she dedicated the month of October to horror games. We also find AelitaTV that is not missing the opportunity to organize several Horror Night waiting for Halloween. Even Yotobi is approaching October 31st with live shows dedicated to Horrormaniaplaying different perfect titles to bewitch his community.

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