A study reveals the close relationship between Italian gamers, eSports and cryptocurrencies

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What is the relationship between the eSports universe and the cryptocurrency market? The report “Profiling of passionate Italian gamers from the crypto universe” prepared by OIE in collaboration with SOPRISM provides us with an interesting answer. In fact, Italian gamers are extremely passionate about the cryptomarket. An important fact, especially for investors, who are increasingly capturing the enormous potential of the Italian (and non-Italian) export sector.

In fact, the Report in question aims to create a real identity card for gamers, and it is amazing how many of these have in common a passion for digital currencies.

eSports and cryptocurrencies: the “identity cards” of Italian gamers

We could therefore refer to this large slice of the market with the term crypto-gamers. But who are they? How old are they? Besides video games and tokens, what are their passions? What about their level of education? An absolutely necessary market segmentation, provided to us by SOPRISM, which conducted its research in March. The first fact that catches the eye is the gap of interest in crypto themes between a Italian gamer and the general population: the 18,3 % of Italian gamers are in fact interested in the crypto against the 5,2 % Italians. The difference is substantial even if we take into account everything related to the digital wallet and the digital currency.

In general the crypto-gamer italiano has among the 18 and 44 yearsequipped with a medium-high education level, and is engaged in one relation. On the web this communicates mainly through Instagram. It is a segment that turns out to be not very sensitive to politics, but particularly attentive to cybersecurity. Furthermore, the average cyber-gamer shows a marked propensity forecologyallo Sustainable Development and to animal protection. As far as passions are concerned, cooking seems to be his main passion, but he does not disdain sport (football and F1 above all) .Another interesting fact is that, despite being very sensitive touniverse of luxury (exclusive cars, luxury products / clothes) has a low purchasing power.

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What are the favorite brands of Italian crypto-gamers?

Among the brands most appreciated by crypto-gamers, it is not surprising to find companies like MasterCard, American Express, eToro, Netflix, RedBull, Spotify, Coca Cola. Automotive companies such as Toyota, BMW and Volkswagen. Fans of eSports and cryptocurrencies obviously have a keen sense for technology, where they dominate Apple, Hp e Philips. As for entertainment, however, the preferred platforms are Netflix, YouTube e Spotify.

“The world of Blockchain is revolutionizing that of gaming – they comment Luigi Caputo ed Enrico Gelfi, founders of OIES -. Innovation runs at an impressive speed. It is no coincidence that a young target such as gaming is also interested in the crypto trend. There are many more connections between the two worlds than you think. It becomes essential for companies to keep up. Research like this is invaluable in understanding how not only the gamer target is evolving, but society in general. The Italian Esports Observatory confirms its primary role in the knowledge of this market, further expanding its research database available to companies “.

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