A video preview the Meta Quest Pro viewer

Un video mostra in anteprima il visore Meta Quest Pro thumbnail

Spoiler alert! The virtual reality headset Meta Quest Pro was unveiled in preview from a video shared on Facebook by Ramiro Cardenas, who stated that the device was left in a hotel room. Apparently, the viewer resembles in all respects that of “Project Cambria”, which has created not a little expectation for him. But let’s find out something more.

Meta Quest Pro: A video shows the headset for the first time

In these hours Ramiro Cardenas caught the attention of Facebook users with a video previewing Meta’s new VR headset. The content reveals a viewer with three cameras on the part front and a controller nero visibly updated design. Both products are pulled out by Cardenas from a box marked “Meta Quest Pro”, which is labeled “Not for resale – engineering champion”. The preview thus arrives exactly one month after the event Meta’s Connectwhich will take place on October 11th.

Credits: Ramiro Cardenas

The first time, then, Cardenas shared the images and the video in the comments section of a post published on the Facebook group “Oculus Quest 2”. A mode that left everyone speechless, especially considering that this was it forgotten in a hotel room. And then publicly revealed on the Net. In any case, this is not the first case in which a product is unveiled in preview in this way. In 2010, for example, images of the iPhone 4 leaked onto the Net after it was left in a bar. Recently, however, the Pixel 7 was sold on eBay. And a Pixel Watch prototype got lost in a restaurant. In short, that a device is revealed on the Net by chance is not a coincidence at all. Now it remains for us to see if the Meta Quest Pro really will look like this.