Abandoned: Hasan Kahraman reveals himself, denies ties with Hideo Kojima

“Abandon” any conspiracy theory: Abandoned has nothing to do with Hideo Kojima, and Hasan Kahraman had to show himself to prove it

It took all the stubbornness of the videogame conspirators, but in the end Hasan Kahraman of BlueBox Game Studio had to reveal itself on Twitter to further deny any alleged link between Abandoned and the legendary game designer Hideo Kojima. Initials aside, therefore, we are not dealing with an anagram (see “Joakim Mogren” with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain) or with a figurehead. However, Kojima’s constant shadow is starting to be too cumbersome for the Dutch firm (which lists Kahraman as the only employee on LinkedIn), despite coincidences continuing to overlap in favor of the delusional theory.

Hasan Kahraman: it’s not Hideo Kojima’s idea (and not even Abandoned)

Hasan Kahraman showed himself in the video that you can find in the tweet below, but the assumptions about Hideo Kojima’s involvement in the development of Abandoned are being revealed. frustrating. Even the answers ironic about the possible (and, in the case, masterfully elaborated) theater of the game designer. However, speaking to Bloomberg, Kahraman said he was openly frustrated by what is happening: his is just a project that has intrigued Sony after the failure of the Kickstarter. Fans are always looking for “something that isn’t there”, and it’s really starting to get heavy.

The first annoyances, as we anticipated, have already appeared in the responses to the tweet. In defense of the more paranoid Kojima fans, however, the Twitter account mentioned in a now-deleted post how much the final name of Abandoned should have “started with S and ended with L”. Sony, for his part, he declined to comment on the suspected claim that a simple indie should have “4K and 60 frames per second”. Also Geoff Keighley he is silent about his friendship with Hideo Kojima (who has other things to think about). In short, many coincidences, for a still unclear situation.

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