L'AI clona la voce del preside per incastrarlo: arrestato ex direttore sportivo di una scuola thumbnail

The AI ​​clones the principal's voice to frame him: former sports director of a school arrested

The American police have arrested the former sporting director of Pikesville High Schoolin Baltimore County, on a charge of using a service AI to clone the voice and create a false registration of preside Eric Eiswert, with fake racist and anti-Semitic comments. The recording, which circulated on social media in January, led to Eiswert's suspension.

False AI recording with the principal's voice: former sports director arrested

According to the police, former sports director Dazhon Darien would have carried out recording to get revenge on the principal, which was investigating his alleged mismanagement of school funds. Darien would have access to the school's computers to use AI tools like OpenAI and Microsoft Bing Chat to create the fake audio (although it is currently unknown what instrument he used to synthesize the voice).

As The Verge reports, experts have noticed some anomalies in the recording, such as a flat tone, unusually clean background sounds, and a lack of natural breathing pauses. These details have raised suspicions about the use of AI. The police were then able to trace it back to Darien via an email address and a telephone number associated with the diffusion of audio.

AI cloned voice of the American principalAI cloned voice of the American principal

Darien, arrested Thursday at the airport, faces several charges including theft, disrupting school activities, retaliation against a witness and stalking. He was released on bail.

A growing risk

This case comes in a context of growing concern about the improper use of technology AI voice cloning. Several recent episodes have highlighted the risks of this technology if used fraudulently. Like the false election calls of Joe Biden or Imran Khan's party in Pakistan

Some companies like OpenAI have decided to limit public access to their AI speech generation tools, awaiting more regulations. In both the United States and Europe, several bills are trying to address the problem.

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