Red Bull shock: Adrian Newey leaves the team!

The bomb explodes in F1, the British designer Adrian Newey is ready to say goodbye to Red Bull after 19 years. The “Horner-gate” scandal convinced him to change his tune

Adrian Newey one step away from leaving Red Bull. This is the shocking news that is overwhelming the world of F1. The British designer, pioneer of the successes achieved by Red Bull since 2006, would now be close to leaving the team that made him the greatest designer ever in F1. The events that saw the team at the center of the “Horner-gate” scandal which would have upset the 65-year-old weigh heavily. Leaving the main entrance to Milton Keynes, Newey now finds himself at a crossroads.

On the one hand, there is the option to join Aston Martinwhich would allow him to remain in the United Kingdom and contribute to the relaunch of the Silverstone team wanted by Lawrence Stroll. The financial offer may be tempting, but more important for Newey may be the opportunity to work with Honda, with whom he collaborated during his time with Red Bull, and with Fernando Alonsoa pilot I respect very much.

On the other hand, there is the temptation to join the Ferrari. It is not the first time that there has been talk of a possible interest from the Scuderia in Newey, and this time it could be the last opportunity for him to ending his career in “red”. While the financial option may not be as beneficial, work with Lewis Hamilton and taking on the challenge of bringing Ferrari back to global success could be extremely stimulating for a designer of Newey's caliber.

Red Bull shock: Adrian Newey leaves the team!Red Bull shock: Adrian Newey leaves the team!

Adrian Newey leaves Red Bull: where will he go?

In the paddock, rumors have been raised for some time that the British engineer would like to work at Ferrari, with whom there has never been more than a simple conversation. The similarities with Lewis Hamilton in this case are very strong. Like the seven-time world champion driver, this could also be the case for Newey of the last call. Furthermore, ending my career with Cavallino, at a time when the team is laying the foundations to win that world title that missing for 16 years it would be the icing on the cake.

From a financial point of view, however, the offer from Lawrence Stroll's team (100 million for 4 years) is much more attractive than what Ferrari would offer. But once Newey reaches sixty-five it may not be a question of money. Working with the Rossa and with Lewis Hamilton have always been, as he himself stated some time ago, a secret dream of his.
Regardless of his choice, it is clear that Newey is a man with vast experience and knowledge of the weight of his decisions. His departure from Red Bull marks the end of an era, but he also opens the door to new opportunities and exciting challenges for the future.

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